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Antis Limited Celebrates 25 Years of Consistency

Aug 23, 2022

With hardwork, dedication and by the help of God we have experienced consistent growth. Due diligence; not compromising on quality have made us retain our customers over many years.

We believe in human capital development for that reason, we have made room that ensures that our staff constantly develop their capacities. The future promises to be brighter even after 25 years.

Let's Build Something Together

We are simply a reliable force to be reckoned with. Expect honesty and openness when you engage us for your project.


Do you charge for delivery?

Cement: Yes, price varies based on destination.

Iron Rods: No, for  a little above a tonne (within our catchment areas). A little charge applies for supplies outside our catchment areas.

What is the minimum quantity for truck delivery?

Cement: 50 bags and above

Iron Rods: A tonne and above within our catchment areas. Please call our customer service or sales line for further enquiries.

What form of payments do you accept?

Mobile Money


To our bank accounts (Contact our sales line for enquiries)